PhD in Information

PhD in Information

Unleash your research prowess and shape the future of information as you work with top data and information science faculty.

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The University of Arizona PhD in Information prepares students to excel as researchers and thought leaders in academia, government and industry.

Offered at our main campus in Tucson, Arizona, the PhD in Information is typically completed in five years, requiring 54 units for primary work plus 9-15 units for the PhD minor.

The College of Information Science is committed to creating an inclusive intellectual space for all, irrespective of background or characteristics, and we seek a wide range of students with diverse research interests and experiences, including machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, virtual/mixed reality, game development, immersive technologies, new media and internet studies, human-computer interaction, digital curation, archival studies and the future of work.

As the state's only member of the iSchools consortium, we foster interdisciplinary understanding, preparing students for advanced information and data careers as professors, scientists, consultants, directors and more.

"The PhD in Information at the University of Arizona offers the perfect union of history, mathematics, programming, causal inference, formalizing language, teaching and logic."
Salena Torres Ashton, PhD in Information '25


Our faculty and PhD students are engaged in research around all aspects of the information sciences without regard for disciplinary boundaries.


  • Information collections, libraries, databases, archives and ethics
  • Machine learning, artificial intelligence and algorithmic thinking
  • Applied natural language processing
  • Virtual reality, video game design and human-computer interaction
  • Biological informatics
  • Data science, social network analysis and computational social science
  • Social science and internet studies
  • Internet of things

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  • Center for Digital Society and Data Studies
  • Biosemantics Research Group
  • Computational Language Understanding Laboratory
  • Digital Storytelling and Oral History Laboratory
  • Extended Reality and Games Laboratory
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
  • Metadata Analytics Laboratory
  • The co/lab: Critical Archives and Curation Collaborative

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