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We are excited you want to pursue an a major, minor or certificate in the College of Information Science!

New majors, minors and certificates are declared every Friday. New majors will be prompted to make an appointment with the undergraduate academic advisor. Please note that this form is for declarations only. If you are interested in more information, use the resources of this website.

This form is for College of Information Science (InfoSci) programs only! If you do not see your plan of study below, you are at the the wrong form! Please consult the advising resource center.

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*Program fees: Information Science and Arts, Information Science (previously Information Science and Technology), and Game Design and Development students with Junior or higher status (60 or more earned units) are charged a $250 program fee per semester.  The program fee is to help support students in these programs, including but not limited to development of tutoring support and other experiences. Students demonstrating financial need via submission of the FAFSA may qualify for program fee award. Students who qualify for the award will have the amount credited to their student account.